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Do you know that there exists a plant which has multiple uses? Yes! It has been used not just for your skincare but also for your hair. The plant that I am talking about today is Aloe Vera! Yes, you all have guessed it right! Uses of Aloe Vera are not just confined to skin & hair but it is also used for providing various health care benefits.

Some people might be surprised to know that Aloe Vera is not a recent discovery. Its discovery has been marked for 4000 years. From the very ancient time, uses of Aloe Vera were defined for providing various health & skin benefits. Due to which it also came to be known as the ‘plant of immortality’! Aloe Vera is the most researched & studied plant of all times.

Without wasting any more time let’s get straight to the point!

Down below is the list of various Uses of Aloe Vera.

1. Uses of Aloe Vera on Hair


Aloe Vera is not only used for removing dandruff from your hair but it is also very effective when used for your hair care! Use of Aloe Vera on your hair will provide benefits that include adding shine to your hair, nurturing its growth and making your scalp germ free with its antibacterial properties.

Aloe Vera on Hair | Method of Application

You can take some Aloe Vera gel or extract some Aloe Vera Gel by peeling off the leaf of your plant in a container. In the same container, you can mix your shampoo. Later apply this mixture to your hair. You can even take ready-made available Aloe Vera Juice. Massage your hair with your hands for 5-7 minutes depending on your hair length & then give them a wash.

2. Uses of Aloe Vera for Healing Sunburn


Another use of Aloe Vera is that it prevents sunburn. Aloe Vera is known for its cooling effect. Aloe Vera is used for recovering face, hands, legs & other parts of the body to heal the sunburn affected areas with frequent application.

Aloe Vera Sunburn | Method of Application

Take some Aloe Vera gel in your ice cube tray & mix it with a little bit of water. Keep the ice tray in the freezer to let it convert the liquid into ice cubes. Later, you can apply the ice cubes to the affected sunburn areas. To get the desired Aloe Vera Benefit, you can use this method every day.

3. Uses of Aloe Vera Mask


Since we all know about the fact that Aloe Vera has antibacterial properties. Other than this Aloe Vera is also widely used for its cooling, soothing & moisturising properties. This makes it ideal for another benefit of Aloe Vera which is using it as a face mask.

Aloe Vera Mask | Method of Application

Take some Aloe Vera in a container and grind it to take the juice out of it. Take one tissue and try to fold it to cut out three triangles for your eyes and mouth. Then soak the tissue in the juice and squeeze it to take out the extra Aloe Vera juice from the tissue. Then your face mask is ready. Open the mask and put it on your face. Leave it like that for 15 minutes. Then rinse it with water.

4. Uses of Aloe Vera as a Moisturiser


The next benefit is that Aloe Vera is also used as a very good moisturiser. If your skin is very dry, be it your face, hands or legs. You can apply Aloe Vera to the dry areas. You can apply Aloe Vera directly but for better results, you can even use this method

Aloe Vera as a Mosturiser | Method of Application

Take some Aloe Vera in a container. Add honey to it. Mix both the ingredients well and apply it to the dry areas. Keep it for a good 15 minutes. Then rinse it with water.

5. Uses of Aloe Vera for Acne Benefits


Another use of Aloe Vera is that it helps in acne treatment. Aloe Vera helps in removing acne & acne scars. It is also beneficial in not letting the pimple take its full shape. With its cooling & anti-bacterial properties of healing, Aloe Vera is used for removing pimples & acne-related issues.

Aloe Vera for Acne | Method of Application

Take some Aloe Vera and mix it with your regular toothpaste. Apply the mixture on the pimples or acne scars. Leave it overnight. Next morning, rinse it with fresh water. (Try to repeat the process till the time it is not completely healed!)

6. Uses of Aloe Vera as Make-up Remover:


Yes! You heard it right! Aloe Vera is the best makeup remover that is available at your home and is very inexpensive when compared to the other makeup removers available in the market. You can make your own make-up remover and store it in a container. As sleeping without removing your makeup can cause a lot of problems to your skin! Here’s how you can use it as a makeup remover-

Aloe Vera as Make-up Remover | Method of Application

Take 2 tablespoon coconut oil in a jar. Add 1 tablespoon of glycerine to it. Mix the two ingredients using a hand blender. Then add 3 tablespoons Aloe Vera gel to the mixture. Your make up remover is ready! 

7. Uses of Aloe Vera to Cure Insect Bites | Blisters | Wounds & Skin burn


The next few uses of Aloe Vera are curing insect bites & blisters. The direct application of Aloe Vera gel will help in curing the affected areas as Aloe Vera has an antibacterial property. With its cooling property, it helps in controlling the inflammation and the itching sensation on the affected areas.


Now that we know so much about it, let us get to know the extraction of Aloe Vera. There are a few methods which are very inexpensive to obtain this plant. Aloe Vera is available in many forms like Aloe Vera Gel, Aloe Vera Tablets, Aloe Vera Soaps, Aloe Vera ShampooAloe Vera Juice, etc. The method which is one of my favourites is having an Aloe Vera plant of my own which adds to the decor of the house. One can easily buy or grow it at your convenience. It is widely available at various offline & online stores.

Aloe Vera Plant looks something like this:


There is a process that one should be aware of before extracting the Aloe Vera from the leaves! To unleash the real benefits of Aloe Vera, this is what you need to keep in mind.

Tips to follow to take care of the in house plantation of Aloe Vera

  • You can either buy the plant online or offline from the closest nursery. If you are borrowing it from somebody just make sure that the plant must be 3-4 months old!
  • Aloe Vera plants can be kept outside in your garden or you can decorate it inside your house. It requires very minimal care & sunlight.
  • Make sure you do not put a lot of water to Aloe Vera plant as that might decay the leaves of Aloe Vera from the top ( turning it brown)
  • You can check the water level in your pot by touching the soil with your hands.
  • Remember to make some holes below, to drain out the extra water from the pot!
  • While extracting the Aloe Vera, remember to cut it from its stem without disturbing the roots. Wash the extracted stem with water.
  • There is a yellow colour substance, called latex in Aloe Vera. This liquid is known to be toxic and can cause irritation to your skin. So remember to remove it while extracting Aloe Vera.
  • Also, you need to be very careful while peeling the outer layer. Use a knife to separate the gel-like part from the outer leaf. Then you may use the extracted Aloe Vera as per your need.
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