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Acne problems are not new, every other human being must have faced this problem and has searched for Pimple Home Remedies to Remove Pimples on face! But the procedure followed by many of you is not the ideal way to deal with acne problems. This article will tell you the do’s and don’t that everyone must keep in mind in order to remove Pimples on face.We will guide you on how to remove pimples on face.


If one would follow the below mentioned tips they would never have to deal with acne problems, not just that but this will also make your skin soft and supple! So keep reading this till the very end if you do not want pimples to ever come in your way!!! 

Acne can be painful and can lead to various adverse impacts in our lives. It can make a person depressed and lower their self confidence. Trust me! It is true!!! I have myself faced this issue, there was a time when I was afraid to face the crowd. I wanted to hide and cover all my spots for which I’d tried to use a lot of cosmetic products! This might sound crazy to all of you but it is true! There are certain products that are available in the market which are so expensive. Some people try to visit a dermatologist, ( I have even tried to do that as well) & trust me the medicines that they prescribe or whether it is their consultation fee, they do charge a lot of money!

What could possibly be an easy solution to this? How can we heal the pimples on face and bid them goodbye for good! Well, do not worry this post will give you some easy Pimple home remedies. People do not take certain precautions that I can guarantee helped me and will definitely be of great help!

So what are you waiting for ? Let’s start reading them one by one!

Down below is a list of all those factors that people do not pay attention to! These are the things that you can easily do at home in order to stop the pimple or other acne related problems to take shape. Remember controlling an acne or taking precautions at an early stage will not let the condition get worse.

Without delaying it any further let’s get straight to the point!

Do you touch your skin too often with your hands?


Now this is something that most of us do! People have a tendency of touching their face or rubbing their forehead involuntarily. Well here’s to tell you that if you are included in the list, then you should start working on controlling this habit. As our hand is the most contagious organ. There are infinite microscopic germs and bacterias that come in direct contact with our hands. Our hand being the most easiest exposed area of our body which comes in contact with ‘n’ number of articles in a day can carry various germs that might increase the chances of our skin getting affected and may result in Pimples on your face! More than a Pimple Home remedy lets call it a Precaution!

How often do you change your pillow cover?

The next important and basic thing that one needs to keep in mind is the pillow cover that most people use while sleeping ! To quote one of the facts, that most of us spend the longest duration on the pillow cover which remains in direct contact with your skin (all through the night) . Well pillow cover could be another major cause as people also have a habit of drooling ( Oh C’mon now don’t say that ‘you don’t!’) which contains a lot of enzymes that can react with your skin. Even the makeup that you wear gets absorbed on the pillow cover which can cloak your skin pores! So it is very important to change your pillow cover often! 

How much water do u drink in a day?

The next important question that you should be asking yourself is the quantity of water that you drink in a day! Water drinking helps you in easy removal of all the excess waste and oil that gets cloaked in your skin and can be regarded as a very important home remedy for Pimples (Acne). It clears the passage making your skin pores clean & clear! Drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day or more in summers!!

Have you recently switched your Shampoo?

Another important aspect that you can take into consideration is your shampoo! Some cheap shampoo contains certain acids that can react to your skin and make it irritable. Is your forehead much more prone to acne then the other areas? If thats the case consider this your Home Remedy for Pimples (Acne) and change your shampoo. Later from your forehead, if you will poke or try to rub your hands from your forehead to other areas on your skin,  it is more likely to spread to other parts of your face!

Are you taking complete sleep for your cells to repair your skin?

As previously listed, sleeping is one of the best remedies whenever we talk about skin care! When our body is at rest, our cells perform various important functions like healing, repairing! It helps in relieving our body from stress & depression! All these factors play a vital role in controlling your acne related issues.

Follow a consistent committed skin care plan!

Last but the most important of all, whichever home remedy you are following. One must make sure that they remain committed to it even after their skin is back in its original state. What people usually tend to do is either due to laziness or due to seeing the symptoms getting better people tend to stop following it! The method which benefits your skin must be followed in routine without skipping it in any day!

Another Important Tip

Do not ever pop or scratch a pimple as it might infect the other areas with the fluid that comes out from the pimple. Even this leads to a mark on your skin that does not go away easily!

Acne Home Remedies | Pimple Home Remedies | Remove Pimple on Face at Home

  1. Apply Aloe Vera gel for 30 minutes daily & then rinse it with normal cold water!  Know more on Aloe Vera Uses & it’s Benefits.
  1. Take one tablespoon of Honey in a container. Add one tablespoon of Almond Oil. Later add two tablespoon of Milk and last but not the least add Lemon Juice. Mix everything well and apply the mixture on the affected areas. Leave it like that for the next 20 minutes. Rinse with water afterwards. Know more on Honey and Lemon:
  1. Take Tea Tree Oil and apply onto the affected areas. Keep it on for the next 10 mins. Rinse it with clean water afterwards!
  2. Another home remedy that you try in order to remove pimples is by taking some Aloe Vera in a container. Take some Mint Leaves, crush them to take the juice out of them. Mix it with the aloe vera gel. Apply the mixture on the affected areas and leave it overnight. Next day wash your face with clean water.
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar is another magical home remedy that you can try to use and apply it to affected areas . Due to its antibacterial property it can help in the healing process. Know more on Apple Cider Vinegar
  1. Use of your own self made Coffee scrub can also be another home remedy trick that you can use to get rid of acne problems. Coffee is the best skin exfoliator that is available at home! Take some coffee in a mixing bowl. Add Brown Sugar which again is very good at removing dead skin and acne marks. Mix it well after adding some coconut oil/Olive oil to the mixing bowl. Rub the mixture on your face and then leave it for 10 minutes. Rinse your face with fresh water.



Which of the following habits you think you have?
Touching your pimple / face too often.
Switching shampoo brands
Poking a pimple
Not drinking adequate amount of water
Not taking proper sleep
Not maintaining proper Hygiene
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From the list below which is the best remedy to treat acne?
Aloe Vera
Apple Cider Vinegar
Mint Leaves
Please Specify:
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