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Coronavirus or COVID19 has impacted all of us in many ways. 2020 is a year that will always remind us of how adversely it has influenced all of our lives. From people who have suffered from this virus to people who have actually lost their lives.There are some people who are stuck in other cities and cannot go back to their respective homes. We are facing it all from long queues to a large number of people who are losing their jobs due to COVID-19. 

So if you see today, even though there are still a lot of restrictions that have been removed from certain areas. The recovery, however, will not be that easy. Let us not forget some people were planning to tie knots with their venues booked already. Majority of the people have postponed their marriages. But then there are few who are planning it differently! After all, nothing can come in between Love Birds & Marriages as they say! 

Various people are conducting their marriages in such times by inviting very minimal (say that of 10-12 people) extremely closed ones and getting captured happily married ever-after! Well, to be honest, I think this is how the trend will be now! As the threat from such pandemic disease has left a lot of fear in the hearts of the people. So, although I have been somebody who always loved wedding & wedding vibes. But at the same time, understanding this situation, I will recommend people to opt for weddings which are very intimate, where only a few of their closed ones are getting invited.

I think this must be followed by people in India even after the lockdown is no more a part of our lives. Till the time the vaccination from this virus does not roll out to be a success, I don’t think that one must take any form of risks, just for the sake of getting married.

The good side of it is that there is a perception especially when it comes to Indian Weddings is that people feel that inviting all the relatives makes your wedding memorable! Now is the time that you flip the coin & see the other side of it. Having a small gathering not just makes it risk-free but also illuminates your entire wedding goals by making it extremely personalised!

Yesss! It is true and people in some parts are already signing up for this. I will tell you the various perks of planning such wedding outlines. Rather than spending a huge amount making arrangements for your long list of guests you can rather just invite a few closed members and make it special for them! Wanna know how? Well, here a list of things that can really make your wedding memorable, without being stressed about the COVID-19 situation. 

You can book venues which are closer to the bride/groom’s residence & if the invitation list is too short then you can even plan on making everyone stay at one place! (Since that would not charge you a lot as the number of guests are few!) To make it more interesting you can even send personalised wedding invitations with gifts

You can even invite your closed ones through sending them emails by composing some personalised videos that you can make in bits and pieces. You can involve guests to take part in the video making by asking each one of them to record a small portion of it from their respective cities. After merging and editing the entire video which could turn out to be real fun! You can use that as an invitation card! Or it could be your wedding promotional video! 😉

Various online wedding stores are already providing anything to everything to make your wedding perfect! You can shop for dresses, bangles, gifts, jewellery, bags, sandals, shoes, cosmetics & so on…all online!!! 

No power can stop two people from staying together if they really wanna be. Well, now I am gonna share how people who have already signed up for this, how they have been doing it. So, there is a couple based in Chennai who tied knots on March 26th 2020, & their story has already gone viral over the internet. They invited not more than 20 people. However, they kept the other guests over video call and connected over 100 other people to witness the wedding ceremony. The couple felt as if they were some celebs. Although they had to cancel on their reception & mehendi ceremony. 

Using this pandemic situation and making a theme for the wedding is another trendsetter idea for this wedding-season! Some couples are getting clicked with their masks on & enjoying their intimate moments of wedding ceremony in this pandemic situation!

Well, what can we say, Love conquers all battles & you do not fear anything if you tend to fall in love with the word love!

This coronavirus has also made us realise that the most important part of the wedding is not that it requires grand decoration but rather it is just when the two souls just want to be declared as one & ready to take this commitment forever! 

From various state officials & government officials, there has been news that the government in a few areas have accepted people to conduct marriage at a very small scale ( to the maximum of 50 people already!). All they would have to do is submit an application telling that their gathering will not exceed the limit on the number of guests and will follow all the norms.


A Step by Step guide to Plan your wedding in Corona Virus | COVID19

So as per my view to this, here’s a small outline of how you can plan for your perfect wedding in this COVID-19

  • Step one, you need to cut down on your guest list and make it at max of 50 members.
  • Next, you can create your own wedding invitation video at home using invideo and various other online video making software that have amazing features for you to create & merge many videos together! Or you can either get your personalised invitation cards printed!
  • Thirdly, you can start planning on where to keep your wedding ceremony or at the wedding venue! (You can even think of either making all of them stay at one place for a day or two!)
  • For the food arrangements, you need to make sure of the hygiene & proper sanitisation. If the guest list is too short then you can either ask your closed ones to prepare their favourite & most liked dishes at home and then bring it along ( just like how people do it while planning for picnics!!!) or either at the venue they could simply book the food menus & ask the waiters to carry sanitizers along with every tray. 
  • You can also order or make a few masks with embroidery at home using colorful threads to give it as an offering to all the guests which could also make it a pretty good idea for your photoshoot! Or you can also order it online! Here’s how:

How to go about it?

Well  many of you who knows embroidery can do it on their own! But I was looking for something similar and found a profile on Instagram which is very Cool & has several options for customization as well !! You can check her page & place an order for your customized masks. So what are you waiting for?
To buy Customized Embroidery Masks: Follow or Dm her on instagram @artwart studios

  • Buy all your dresses & gowns either over rental online stores like stage3 or Flyrobe (are few of my favourites!). You can even look for buying your dress, jewellery, & other accessories online!
  • Try to set up & install big screens with internet connections to make your other relatives a part of your intimate wedding ceremony.
  • If you want to do your own sangeet ceremony you can choose a song and ask your siblings to perform on the song & record it from their respective places & then merging it in one, can be fun!

How to go about creating your own Video with Friends and Family

  • Also don’t miss out creating some of the creative selfie sticks! You can also design some of the selfie sticks related to the coronavirus theme. 

These were some of my recommendations that I wanted to share with all of you! Rest I leave it to the couple to think of other innovative measures which are safe for the coming wedding seasons. 

We welcome opinions & other suggestions of what else can be done to plan a safe wedding! Comment on this post, sharing your ideas and opinions, not only for us, but for the whole community.

Please share your stories regarding your wedding in this COVID-19 situation in the comment below.

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