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Acne vulgaris/ Acne interchangeably used, is one of the most common skincare issues that anyone can go through. Acne vulgaris / acne are generally faced by teens or adolescents due to various reasons. After teenagers, the next age group which faces this problem are the adults!

Before getting into the reason/causes/symptoms for pimple/acne let’s try to first know what do we mean by acne/ acne vulgaris / pimple?

Acne is a common inflammatory skin condition that could be faced by anyone that can lead to spots on the areas such as the face, shoulder, back, neck, chest, eyelidchin & underarms. The various forms that acne can take include pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, boil, cysts and nodules. It can lead to severe skin scars if not treated properly!

Acne Vulgaris involves blockage of hair follicles by oil, dead skin & bacteria which leads to the formation of blackheads, whiteheads, boils, marks etc.

Now coming straight to the point, what are the major causes / reasons of acne (pimple) on the face.

1. Hormonal Cause | Reason for pimple:

The hormonal cause / reason of acne generally talks about women which are majorly affected by this reason, especially at early adulthood. Women seem to notice pimples due to changes in their menstruation cycle. Ever skipped your routine period? Well, this could be a major reason for acne (pimple) problems. Logically speaking, when the heat or impurities do not get released from your body, this might become one of the causes of acne.

2. Climate Changes & Food Habits

Yes! Another cause / reason for acne is the climatic change that has an equal impact on your skin texture. People with sensitive skin need to take extra care as the changes in climate might increase their acne problems which forms an important reason for acne / pimple.

People exposed to continuous acne problems must carefully examine their food routine. The quality and quantity of oil being consumed also become one of the major causes of acne. As too much oily food can directly impact your skin & accelerate acne problems. Even eating too much spicy food can make your skin & pimples irritable. 

How many of you have felt that in summers you face far more skin related problems than that in winters? Well, you are right! Hot & humid climate is another reason for acne, as there is a noticeable rise in the problem of acne.

3. Bacteria Causing Acne

The next reason / cause of acne is the bacteria. Certain bacteria cause acne and related problems. They make the pimple red and irritable. At the time when the dirt, oil and dead skin cloaks the open tiny pores of your skin, the bacteria start to act on it. Hence leading to acne or pimples.

4. Cosmetic Products Causes Acne

Another reason / cause of acne(pimple) is your very own cosmetic products! Not every product is advisable to be used by everyone! There are some cosmetic products which are specifically made for certain skin types. Some products might cause inflammation and are oil-based which can lead to the rise in acne symptoms. We need to be very choosy especially our your skin is sensitive.

5. Stress

Another reason / cause for acne that plays a vital role in stress. Due to stress & depression, the sleep cycle of a person can get affected due to which the body is unable to rest, restore and perform various other vital functions. Hence, making it a very important cause for pimples! So, it is one of my suggestion to all of you that you all must take proper sleep! 

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