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Online Fashion Directory is more than a fashion and lifestyle blog. It’s a space for all those who are willing to discover the fashion within, and are not followers but are trend makers. This blog is not only going to give platform for the readers to grasp information pertaining to various distinguishable fashion brands but also know which one would be the best in providing you fashion sense and satisfaction! For businesses and new ventures it would help them in developing a new market niche altogether! 

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About Us

Fashion, as we know, has different meanings for everyone. We believe that some people create fashion knowingly, then some unknowingly are creating fashion along the way and some people just follow it because they like it. To promote this idea we have thought of creating this blog to encourage people to give their inputs and help me create fashion for all and making it reach people who are not that aware or feel that fashion is all about money and only people with money can afford it. Fashion in today’s time is not something that only involves money but as our society is becoming more and more aware, people are developing a taste for what they should be using and what they should not be using for which this blog will help you know more about a product, it’s usability, the do’s and don’ts and the substitutes that are by far available at your doorsteps. We strive to build this with your inputs and develop a better sense of fashion. We would also focus on providing various other fashion tips and tricks which you can use in your daily routines that will help you in and out.

We would try to cover areas like clothing, accessories, cosmetics, footwear, hairstyles, art and a lot more about which we will try to give you as many insights and knowledge as possible but to do this we would need your support and encouragement that will help us write more and more. We will be posting various DIYs, forums, Q&A and videos to give you all that we can and with your valuable suggestions and comments, we will try to amend the same. So keep loving, sharing and writing to us.                 

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Hello Readers, 

     This is Riya here, and I am a professional writer,  I have been writing content for various fashion websites and now I wanted to work on something of my own.  I have my interests in fashion, cosmetics, wedding finds, art and crafts for which I keep on working sideways. I will be using this blog to extend my creativity and to provide various DIY’s, Product information, Pros and Cons, Tutorials on recent launches, Fashion tips & tricks, Reviews etc. I am currently working with small yet creative and capable brands which are not yet discovered on social platforms much and giving them support using my creativity for which I require all of your support!

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